8 Tips to Keep your pet safe during 4th of July fireworks


Loud noises can give anyone anxiety, now add the fact your pet has no context or idea what the Fourth of July means. Anxiety is an elevated response of nervous system which is exhausting when experiencing it for long periods of time. It can also be very harmful for pets with existing cardiovascular disease.

“If you know your pet has noise phobias it is better to retreat then try to recover from the anxiety. Animals with heart disease have less ability to compensate for high stress conditions.” Says Dr. Andrew Cruikshank at Metropolitan Animal Specialty Hospital in Los Angeles.

Here are some quick tips to consider preparing for next month!

1. Play Music-or TV! Anything calming that can block some of the outside noise.

2. Close the curtains. Not only can it act as a sound buffer, flashing lights can increase stress, too!

3. Get your pet enough exercise during the day so it’s easier to stay relaxed at night.

4. Treats! When my dog sees or hears her treat bag, she becomes fixated on thing and one thing only – treats!

5. Know their safe place. If you know they have their safe place, make it more soundproof with pillows and blankets. Even if it’s under the bed, surround it will pillows!

6. Stay with your pet if you can. You are their best safe place!

7. Update any of their tracking information. Some pets run so make sure if when they are found they can be easily returned!

8. If you are using our No More Drama formula, you can increase the dose by 50%, and can administer every 4 hours if your city likes to party all night!

Our pet’s do so much for us, now it’s your time to do something for them. Watching your pet shake with anxiety can be heart wrenching and can take away from celebration. Make sure you take care of them as much as you can, especially older pets that may have an underlying cardiovascular risk you may not know about. You’ll be able to enjoy the fireworks more yourself, knowing you took care of your fur baby!


Written by Kyle Burton