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Allergy and Itch Formula

Healthy Paws Herbals - Allergy and Itch Formula

Allergy and Itch Formula


Instead of giving a daily Benadryl, the Allergy formula can regulate the immune system to reduce allergies, stop itching, and dry any excessive mucus. After a few weeks, pets generally can stop using the formula daily and save it for an occasional flare up. The itching relief is typically seen the very same day. 

Look for: itchy skin coat associated with allergies and/or sinusitis, red eyes, dermatitis, eczema, rash, excessive mucus in the eyes and/or nose.


Sophorae Flavescentis stops itching in part by reducing the amount of chemical signals associated with triggering the itching sensation. Schizonepetae reduces itching by reducing substance p, a natural peptide involved in inflammation.

Arctii inhibits the allergy response by reducing cytokines IL-4 and IL-5 Moutan has anti-allergic and anti-histamine effects to treat allergies by suppressing the release histamine and prostaglandins from mast cells.

Saposhnikoviae is anti-inflammatory and also reduces swelling by reducing nitric oxide production due to inflammation

Kochiae is a strong anti-inflammatory and has shown to reduce TNF-alpha.

 Must be over 18 years old to purchase.