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Calming Formula

Healthy Paws Herbals - Calming Formula

Calming Formula


Stress and anxiety can cause a lot of trouble for the pet and its owner. The Calming formula helps calm the nervous system and stabilize blood pressure without giving the animal a ‘drugged’ effect. By down regulating the nervous system, animals are calmer, less reactive, and can even have less epileptic seizures. 

Look for: anxiety, aggression, hyper-excitability and barking, inability to focus and perform or listen to the trainer, night restlessness, depression, destructive behavior, self-mutilation, over grooming.

CBD version is available here


Draconis and Ostreae are minerals that calm an over excited nervous system. This combination can help promote relaxation, decrease seizures, and lower elevated blood pressure.

Ziziphi and Valerianae are known in Chinese medicine to calm the spirit by nurturing the heart. The combination can help with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive behavior.


Must be over 18 years old to purchase.