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CBD Pain Formula

CBD Pain Formula

CBD Pain Formula


1 oz bottle

500 mg of CBD

This common formula helps relieve arthritis in older pets, abnormal formation of the hip bones (hip dysplasia), reducing inflammation and pain after surgery, or even acute pain such as an ACL tear (tear of a ligament attachment to the knee) or a spinal injury. 

Look for: Typically a pet owner will notice a slowing down of physical activity as arthritis develops. Arthritic pain is generally worse in the morning. You might see your pet move slowly in the morning but might seem normal if they remain moving. However, long periods of sitting or standing will start to exacerbate the pain. The pet may also guard the effective joint, not allowing people to pet or touch the area, favor one joint versus the other, or reconsider going up or down stairs. The pet may even vocalize their pain with yelping.


Angelicae, Gentianae Macro, and Saposhnikoviae are both anti-inflammatory and analgesic to reduce pain and encourage healing.

Eucommiae, Taxilli and Cyathulae strengthen the bones, joints, and muscles to slow down degeneration.

Paeoniae combined with licorice is a strong, non-drowsy natural muscle relaxer that also has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Corydalis is one the strongest analgesics a plant has to offer. It is used for many different types of pain because of how well it works.


Must be over 18 years old to purchase.