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  • Dear pet parents , Maggie was my everything. She was always at my side and never let me out of her sight. She was a golden retriever with exactly that, a heart of gold. Everyone loved Maggie. At age 10 Maggie lost her sister Leah, a Flate Coat retriever ( they we’re nine days apart ) to cancer. At age 11 Maggie was also diagnosed with cancer on her back left foot. We removed two of her toes and she was happy and active for Another year. At age 12 she started lightly bleeding from her mouth , which I thought was a tooth problem , but turned out to be a large cancerous tumor in the back of her mouth. She was given a diagnosis by a top Los Angeles cancer specialist a few weeks later and given weeks with a maximum of months to live. Just before receiving the devastating news that Maggie would quickly go into decline, I had the possibility, through friends of speaking with Dr. Kyle one of the developers of healthy paws. Healthy Paws is a range of formula’s using CBD And Chinese Herbal Medicine to help with a multitude of pet issues from Pain Management to stress and anxiety. Check the Healthy Paws website for a complete look at their full range. Dr. Kyle Said Maggie should immediately go on their formula for older dogs called “ Longevity”. I followed his instructions to the letter giving Maggie her four times daily dose, with the easy to use , needless syringe - directly into her mouth. Maggie had been on the program for a week when we saw the cancer specialist. After hearing the devastating news of how advanced the Cancer was, I showed the doctor the bottle of Longevity ,to get her opinion. She told me to keep up with it , it would probably help keep her comfortable. So that is what we did. It was her only medication. What happened next was nothing short of incredible. She responded immediately to the formula. Each day bringing her a little closer to her previous self. Starting with weeks that turned into months and months that eventually turned into a year and bit. It appears that Longevity by healthy paws brought Maggie’s tumor down in size and then slowed down its growth. Maggie passed away peacefully of old age at 13 years listening to her favorite tunes. Longevity gave us both time we should never of had. She amazingly was able to follow me up the Beachwood Canyon staircase, which is a whopping 147 steps - up until the last month of her incredible life. She was my rock during COVID and I don’t know what I would have done without her. She lived long enough to meet Sophie ( another British Creme ) two weeks before she passed - the two of them always together , Maggie mentoring her little protégé to the end. Thank you Healthy Paws,their wonderful team and Dr. Kyle. My experience with Longevity was truly miraculous. Life changing at a very difficult time. I highly recommend using Longevity earlier than later with your mature pets. Who knows what it might have stopped if she had started earlier. With much love, Alan Faye
  • Thank you, I want you to know that Jackson has had quite the ordeal over the last few years with allergies, skin infections, and WAY too much Apoquel, antibiotics, anti fungal and restricted diet. We just started him on IYCHY SCRATCHY about 2 weeks ago and he is not only off of Apoquel, but Allergies are better controlled and energy has come back and digestive track improved. I already had him on probiotics & goat milk, so he is feeling much better at 13.5 years old! Thanks! c
  • I just want to Thank you again. I tried No More Drama on my Old English Sheep dog on Super Bowl Sunday. The neighborhood started shooting off Fireworks. I gave him the NO MORE DRAMA calming Formula and in 20 minutes he was resting easy. Thank you so much ❤️
  • Gia! "I'm not 💯 but I'm 💯 better than yesturday! Thanx to EAT & OUCHIE!! I'm. finding that less is more...that's my philosophy anyway... But, I was able to walk around the GROVE & get Starbucks with my mum!!
  • “ITCHY SCRATCHY", worked well beyond my expectations! My normally anxious Bull Terrier, named Kekoa, was obsessively itching, scratching and licking her body. She got so bad she began losing her hair and drawing blood. Kekoa not only loved the taste, it was affordable and it began working that sameday. ”
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