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  • Thank you, I want you to know that Jackson has had quite the ordeal over the last few years with allergies, skin infections, and WAY too much Apoquel, antibiotics, anti fungal and restricted diet. We just started him on IYCHY SCRATCHY about 2 weeks ago and he is not only off of Apoquel, but Allergies are better controlled and energy has come back and digestive track improved. I already had him on probiotics & goat milk, so he is feeling much better at 13.5 years old! Thanks! c
  • I don’t want to call u a miracle worker just yet...but it appears the dog is almost normal-ish now. I gave it to her last night and went out and I think she just slept and didn’t bark. She wasn’t at the door being hysterical when I got home but was in my bed relaxing. I took her for a late night walk with my neighbor’s dog and she didn’t bark at him and she has pretty much stopped shaking! She just seemed calm. She wasn’t crying this am. And she went downstairs to the garden solo this am to poop- previously she would only go down the stairs with me...I am super impressed!!
  • If you know me, then you already know how much I love this little guy right here. His name is Guinness and we rescued him from the local shelter a year ago. He’s my best friend, but since we rescued him it’s pretty obvious he’s got some anxiety. I was feeling pretty lost with the whole situation, we were resorting in just kenneling him when people came over. BUT, IVE FOUND SOMETHING THAT ACTUALLY HELPS! Healthy Paws Herbals makes these calming drops and they’ve made a world of difference for him. Instead of tucking his tail he’s wagging it a lot more, and meeting guests isn’t half the battle it used to be. I give him a half scoop of food with the drops on top and he has zero issue with eating it. I would recommend this product to any dog owmner whose dealing with a anxious pup. Thank you Dr. Kyle Burton!
  • Taylor developed a rash on his skin on his abdomen. We took him to the vet and she prescribed him pills. It went away after a few days but it started coming back and then his tears were starting to cause a red tint around his eyes. We immediately took him back to the Vet. I started using the Allergy extract. His eyes stopped tearing and his skin was better. We are so pleased! His skin is great, even his fur is shiner, and of course he's not itching anymore! Thanks, Kyle!
  • “The product worked well beyond my expectations! My normally anxious Bull Terrier, named Kekoa, was obsessively itching, scratching and licking her body. She got so bad she began losing her hair and drawing blood. Kekoa not only loved the taste, it was affordable and it began working that sameday. ”
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They are our fur babies, sidekicks, bed hogs, couch cuddlers, quarantine buddies and our best friend most of all. They're there for us in the highs and lows of our lives so why should we settle for anything less than the BEST when it comes to their health.

At Healthy Paws Herbal Labs, we are passionate about providing next generation wellness soultions to improve the quality of life and health of the pet's you love, our furry kids are family.


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