Poo Poo Problems

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Healthy Paws Herbal Labs Poo Poo Problems ~ Anti-Diarrhea.


If your dog or cat is having occasional diarrhea or very loose, frequent bowel movements, HPH Anti-Diarrhea has several herbs that may firm the stool just after a few doses!


Safety First!

Diarrhea can be come from a much more serious medical condition, so always check with your veterinarian to rule out if emergency medical intervention is or is not needed first!  The maximize time this formula should be taken continually is 3 weeks.


Use Anti-Diarrhea for the following:

  • Acute or Chronic Diarrhea
  • Stomach Infection
  • Irritable Bowel
  • Non-Emergency Pancreatitis



You may notice a decrease in frequency and or more firmed stool after a few doses.  If you do not notice a change, you may increase the dosage by 50% and/or add a third dose each day.

If the diarrhea is caused by bacterial overgrowth you should notice the diarrhea starts to improve after a few doses however, just like having to finish a full pack of antibiotics, the herbs too, should be taken beyond the noticeable changes. A 1-2 week treatment plan may be necessary to help rebalance the gut microbe.


Herbal Highlights

Bai Tou Weng is one of the primary herbs used to help stop diarrhea, with or without bleeding.


Huang Bai, Huang Qin, Huang Lian are used for their strong herbal antibacterial and antiviral effects which can often be the primary cause of diarrhea.


Ren Shen, commonly known as Ginseng, and Gan Cao, Licorice Root, may have very strong anti-inflammatory properties as well strengthening the overall digestion process.


Da Zao, the Chinese Date, and Gan Jiang, Ginger, help regulate some of the harsher properties of the other herbs.  Da Zao also provides nutrients that may also help calm your cat or dog down during this unpleasant time for the both of you!


Health Paws Herbal Labs Poo Poo Problems ~ Diarrhea Relief


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Must be 18 to purchase.


Suggested for Cats and Dogs:

Twice daily for your cat and dog. For severe cases use three times a day. Dosage is dependent on the weight of your pet. For cats, start with the lowest dose.

 < 10lbs.25-.5ml

We Care: Younger or older pets, or any pet with a sensitive stomach, may need to start at half the dosage to ensure it is well tolerated.


The supplement works within 25-45 minutes producing effects.


Bai Tou Weng, Ban Xia, Gan Jiang, Huang Bai, Huang Lian, Huang Qin, Ren Shen, Da Zao, Zhi Gan Cao, Colloidal Silver, Glycerin.