Pee Pee Issues

Size: 2oz


Pee Pee Issues ~ Bladder and Kidney Support


Cats have a propensity for bladder infections but don’t worry, HPH BL/KD Support works on dogs, too! This formula may help address several different health concerns in the genitourinary tract, including inflammation, bacterial infections, kidney or bladder stones, and bleeding.


Use Pee Pee Issues for Bladder and Kidney Support for the following symptoms:

  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Acute Cystitis
  • Hematuria (blood in the urine)
  • Kidney Stones



If using for Urinary Tract Infections or Acute Cystitis you may notice a decrease in frequency, urgency, and pain after a couple doses. You should continue the formula for three days after the symptoms are gone to ensure the bacteria or yeast is completely gone if treating a UTI.


For Kidney stones, use a higher dose for 2-3 weeks. The formula may help dissolve stones and possible infections created by the obstruction. If there is a severe infection, you should consult your veterinarian.


Often with infection there can be hematuria or blood in the urine.  It might be visible or only detected through a urine analysis. HPH Bladder / Kidney Support may help clear the infection while also stopping bleeding. If there is an excessive amount blood, or if there is rectal bleeding, you should consult your veterinarian.


Herbal Highlights

Jin Qian Cao, Hai Jin Sha, and Shi Wei are the main herbs that may dissolve and facilitate the passage of kidney or bladder stones. They also help relieve swelling caused by the obstruction while Bai Mao Gen and E Jiao may stop bleeding.

Mu Tong may help decrease the frequency and pain commonly associated with Urinary Tract Infection and also may help stop bleeding.

Ze Xie, Fu Ling, and Dan Zhu Ye antibacterial effects may help kill the overgrowth of bacteria.


Health Paws Herbal Labs Pee Pee Issues. Kidney and UTI Relief


Available in:

1oz - 500mg broad spectrum hemp extract 0.0% THC. (SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING)

4oz - 2000mg broad spectrum hemp extract 0.0% THC.(SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING)


3rd Party tested for purity and potency. Laboratory tested.


Must be 18 to purchase.


Suggested for Cats and Dogs:

Twice daily for your Cat and Dog. For severe cases use three times a day. Dosage is dependent on the weight of your pet. For cats, start with the lowest dose.

 < 10lbs.25-.5ml

We Care: Younger or older pets, or any pet with a sensitive stomach, may need to start at half the dosage to ensure it is well tolerated.


The supplements works within 25-45 minutes producing effects.



Bai Mao Gen, Dan, Zhu Ye, E Jiao, Fu Ling, Hai Jin Sha, Jin QianCao, Shi Wei, Mu Tong, Ze Xie, Colloidal Silver, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, 0.0% THC(FDA Registered Lab).