Size: 2oz


Appetite Stimulant/Gastrointestinal Support


A good digestion is a sign of good health!  Breaking down food into usable nutrients and eliminating waste takes a lot of power!  An aging pet’s digestion can start to slow down, the appetite may decrease, and even the bowel movements can start to change. HPH GI Support uses the best herbal combinations that may strengthen the metabolism, increase the appetite, and increase the break down and absorption of nutrients, helping increase overall energy levels.


Use GI Support for the following symptoms:

  • Poor Appetite
  • Loose Stools
  • Anorexia
  • Weight Loss
  • General Fatigue, Weakness
  • Post Antibiotic Support
  • Nutritional Deficiencies




You may notice the loose stool begins to form after a few doses but continue administering for at least one week, possibly two. When helping restore GI health a 3-6 month treatment plan is recommended. You may notice your pet’s energy starts to increase as does their appetite.


Can I use this while by pet is undergoing cancer treatment?

The herbs used should be safe during cancer treatment, however, always speak with your veterinarian first. They may request you not to use any supplements/herbs until after the treatment.


What if I don’t see any results?

If the chief complaint is loose stool and lack of appetite and you do not see any improvements after 1-2 weeks, you may want to visit your veterinarian to rule out other possibilities other than a weak digestion.  You may add a third dose and/or increase the dosage by 50% if you do not see any improvements.


Health Paws Herbal Labs Eat ~ Appetite Stimulate 


Available in:

1oz - 500mg broad spectrum hemp extract 0.0% THC. (SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING)

4oz - 2000mg broad spectrum hemp extract 0.0% THC.(SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING)


100% Vegan.


3rd Party tested for purity and potency. Laboratory tested.


Must be 18 to purchase


Suggested for Cats and Dogs:

Twice daily for your cat or dog. For severe cases use three times a day. Dosage is dependent on the weight of your pet. For cats, start with the lowest dose.

 < 10lbs.25-.5ml

We care: Younger or older pets, or any pet with a sensitive stomach, may need to start at half the dosage to ensure it is well tolerated.


The supplements works within 25-45 minutes producing effects.


Bai Zhu, Bian Dou, Fu Ling, Gan Cao, Jie Geng, Lian Zi, Ren Shen, Sha Ren, Shao Yao, Yi Yi Ren, Zhi Huang Qi, Colloidal Silver, Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract, 0.0% THC (FDA Registered Lab).