Dr. Kyle Burton and dog

Dr. Kyle Burton was visiting his family and noticed his brother’s dog, Zoey, was itching intensely. Zoey even had missing patches of hair from scratching so much it would fall out.  The veterinarian said it was allergies and gave him medication but unfortunately it wasn't working at relieving the progressive itch.  Already being an established herbalist and acupuncturist in West Hollywood and Los Angeles, Dr. Burton wanted to combine his love of Traditional Chinese Medicine with his love for animals.  He completed advanced educational courses in safely treating animals with traditional herbal formulas.   He made his first herbal extract and mailed it to his brother.  His dog responded quickly. The itching decreased within a couple doses and after a few weeks there was a full coat of healthy, shiny hair.  

Speaking to his patients with pets, Dr. Burton learned there was a real need for more natural medicine for pets.  Allergies, Arthritis, and Anxiety were the most common complaints his patients told him so he created three separate herbal extracts to help with each ailment. He plans to grow the line to help other common symptoms cats and dogs suffer and loves hearing feedback on the products.  

Dr. Kyle Burton received his Masters at Emperor’s College of Traditional Chinese Medicine and his Doctorate at Yo San University specializing in Healthy Aging and Longevity.  He opened his private practice in 2006 in West Hollywood, California and now has a location in downtown L.A. Burton firmly believes in integrative medicine and works collaboratively with allopathic doctors to make sure each patient and pet receive the best complete care. 

"I truly hope these products are able to bring your pet as much relief as they already have with so many other pet owners.”  - Dr. Kyle Burton