Pet Clinical Trial  - Arthritis and Pain
A recent study showed very promising results of treating canine arthritis with CBD!
Read below on how CBD improved 4 arthritis signs, the best dosage, and how safety was measured!

The Set Up
20 dogs which were diagnosed of osteoarthritis (OA) by a veterinarian were split into 4 groups:
1.     The control group which didn’t received any CBD but were given a placebo. 
2.     The second group received 20m of naked CBD a day
3.     The third group received 50mg of the naked CBD a day
4.     The fourth group was given 20mg of liposomal CBD a day. 
(Naked CBD refers to CBD by itself whereas liposomal CBD is combined with a fat which is believed to help with absorption)

The Trial
It was randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial which gives is more credibility as the results are less likely to be influenced by the controller!

The trial lasted for 4 weeks! Blood was taken before and after the trial to test for possible side effects as well as pain scales by both the veterinarian and the owner. 
The 4 signs of improvement the veterinarian looked for were
1.     Easier Walking
2.     Easier Running
3.     Standing from a Seated Position
4.     Standing from a Lying Down Position
Each owner was also given the Helsinki Chronic Pain Index, a well-respected pain score for pain and dogs. The owner completed it before, after, and again two weeks after to see if the results, if any, had last results without taking the CBD or placebo. 

The Results
The Results Were Dependent on the Dosage.  The group receiving the 50mg of the naked CBD and the group given the 20mg of the liposomal CBD each had a significant decrease in pain and an increase in mobility! Both the veterinarian and the owners noticed the improvements!
The group receiving the 20mg of the naked CBD did not show significant changes. If you have a liposomal form of CBD you can use almost half as much as if you are using CBD alone.

The Standing from Lying Down had a 100% improvement with the 20mg liposomal CBD!

Was it Safe?
Yes! Each dog had a comprehensive blood panels. It tested not only liver enzymes, which is what would most likely BE affected by CBD, but measured red and white blood cells, kidney health, and sugar levels, too! The before and after measurements showed no significant negative side effects on any of the dogs. 

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Written by Kyle Burton

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