Do you know the number one reason pet owners seek help? DIARRHEA!

Do you know the number one reason pet owners seek help? DIARRHEA!

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Some of the most common illnesses pets have include ear infections, allergies, urinary problems, arthritis and pain.  It's not too different from what I see with my human patients, except for the number one reason– diarrhea!

After speaking with, I, too, was surprised to learn that diarrhea was the most common ailments that pet owners had reached out for. Is it because we are more concerned about the carpet than Sparky’s arthritis? Probably not.

Diarrhea, unlike a few of the other ailments, is pretty noticeable. And can be noticeable several times a day! Diarrhea in itself isn’t too dangerous, but if can be life threatening if prolonged and your pet becomes dehydrated.

 What is diarrhea? Many think a loose, watery stool is diarrhea, but it has to happen three times in a day to be diagnosed as diarrhea. It can come from eating something that they shouldn’t, allergies, stress, side effect of medication, bacterial infection, pancreatic inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome other inflammatory conditions. If the diarrhea is persistent and not resolving, then you should seek care from your veterinarian. 

If your pet ate something it shouldn’t have, many times it will resolve on its own as the body will purge the food. If the stool returns to normal after a few bouts of watery, loose stool, there probably isn’t much to worry about. Other than not feeding them the same food again!

If the stool is loose, not well formed, but isn’t frequent, there could be an underling weakness in the digestion or a bacterial imbalance.  You should try and resolve this, whether its changing their food, using probiotics, or my personal favorite – herbs.

See if you notice the stool starting to have better consistency, maybe less straining if there was any beforehand. I notice certain treats will make my dog have a little watery part of the bowel movement, although most of it is formed. Your pet may really like the treat, but if its disrupting a regularly normal good bowel movement, its not worth it! I found something she equally liked but didn’t cause any inconstancies.


The most common advice for diarrhea is a bland diet, usually chicken and rice.

Our Poo Poo Problems can help stop diarrhea and clear a bacterial infection. If your pet is prone to eating food they shouldn’t, it’s a great formula to have around the house and works faster than just the advised bland diet of chicken and rice. If there is a little mucus or blood, that may be ok, too, as long as the herbs clear it up. If you aren’t noticing any results its probably a more complicated problem and you should seek help from your veterinarian.


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If you have any problems or concerns with your pet, please reach out and we will be happy to answer any questions and I even offer a complimentary 15min PET CHECK consultation to discuss your pets health.

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