When Not to Turmeric

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Turmeric is one of the most commonly used herbs in pet products.

It seems pet owners are using it for almost everything including arthritis, skin conditions, and quite honestly, for no other reason other than thinking it's a strong anti-inflammatory and inflammation is bad, right? 

Turmeric has anti-platelet activities which can cause excessive bleeding in large amounts. 

It does take a lot to be dangerous, but be careful if a couple different of your pet's products have it, as it can start to add up.  You should also discontinue turmeric one week before any surgeries or teeth cleaning.

Turmeric has shown to bind to iron in the stomach which could cause anemia.

If your pet's lab work shows any signs of anemia or low iron levels, you may need to stop giving your pet any turmeric supplements. 

Turmeric can impair the gall bladders function at releasing bile. 

If your pet starts having difficulty digesting fat after starting turmeric you may need to stop as well. Liver enzymes may also go up if your pet is having a difficult reaction to turmeric. 

For the most part, you are probably safe using turmeric unless your pet already has issues with some of the possible side effects listed above.

Just be mindful of how much turmeric you may be giving as it can be mixed into foods, treats, and medicines.  And as always, please tell your vet if you are giving your pet turmeric especially if they are going into surgery.

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