Arthritis 101

 Arthritis 101

They may not complain about their back and knees when getting out of bed like you or your parents do, but arthritis affects dogs and cats, too! And like again or watching an aging parent, it can be difficult watching your pet get older.

Arthritis is an inflammatory condition of a joint that can cause stiffness, limited range of motion, discomfort and even pain.  When looking for the onset of arthritis, typically a pet owner will notice a slowing down of physical activity as arthritis develops.  The pain associated with arthritis is generally worse in the morning. You might see your pet move slowly upon waking but might seem normal if they remain moving.  However, long periods of sitting or standing generally start to exacerbate the pain. 

The pet may also guard the effective joint, not allowing people to pet or touch the area. They may favor one joint versus the other, or even reconsider going up or down the stairs. The pet may even vocalize their pain with yelping.

Healthy Paws Herbals OUCHIE ~ Pain & Arthritis formula is based on an ancient formula used by the Holistic Chinese Herbalist for centuries for arthritis with a few added herbs for extra pain relief. The herbs may not only reduce inflammation, but may strengthen the joint, bones, muscles which encompass the joint.

Written by Kyle Burton