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The Golden Years ~ End of Life Program

The later part of our pet’s lives can be the best. You know their routine; they know your routine. The bond is stronger than ever. Trust and love have been established and you know you have each other’s backs. Our unique companionship with our pet is something different than what we experience with friends, partners, and spouses which makes it difficult for when our pet’s health starts to decline. Sometimes it is obvious when it is time to transition and other times it seems to become a negotiation between personal needs or unwillingness to let go versus their quality of life.

Pain can be an obvious sign as no one wants to watch their pet suffer, but what about cognitive decline such as dementia? Like humans, it can be very stressful when some of their familiarities become foreign. My friend’s dog had its ritual of going to sleep on his pillow on the bed. As he got older, he noticed his pet was starting to get nervous and sometimes cry near bedtime. There were other instances where his pet would become forgetful, not able to engage, or general confusion but nighttime was when it was at it’s worse. When it was getting near bedtime, he would give his pet some of the No More Drama formula to help soothe his pet’s nervous system. His pet wasn’t suddenly remembering when it was, it just wasn’t going into ‘fight of flight’ mode and would be able to fall asleep much quicker.

A customer also used No More Drama for when their pet would start turning the same direction uncontrollably. There was a tumor in the brain that would cause these episodes and when she saw them start, she was able to get them to relax and break the repetitive pattern. The formula wasn’t shrinking the tumor, but it was able to help regulate the nervous system.

In both cases, the pets were eating, going to the restroom, and not in pain. Although they were suffering in other ways that was still hard on the owner to continue to watch. Eventually the tumor effected other parts of the brain. It became obvious it was time to transition. My friend’s pet with dementia passed several months later but he was appreciative he was able to hold on a little longer without having to watch his pet suffer when it would forget where it was.

No More Drama wasn’t created for this purpose but I was happy to hear how it was able to help keep their pet’s calm during their transition. I hear a lot of how well Ouchie has helped with pain, arthritis and improving mobility in older pets but this was an unexpected benefit of other problems with aging. Animals are surprisingly adaptable, probably more so than us. You and your veterinarian will know best when the time comes. Our formulas can help ease discomfort with aging and help calm a worried or troubles soul, although there is no fountain of youth just yet. But I imagine like you, if its ever discovered we will see you line!

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Written by Kyle Burton