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Rodeo was found on the streets of Mexico by Madison, a teenager who was on vacation at a holistic retreat with her family. She saw him hiding under a bush, growling and showing his teeth. Knowing he was scared, Madison offered him fresh water using a leaf from the bush. Over the next four days, she fed him food she had taken from her meals at the retreat. By the sixth day, Madison had formed an unbreakable bond with Rodeo, and she knew she couldn't leave him behind. She came up with a plan to sneak him into her carry-on for the flight back to California, but her mother soon found out and fell in love with Rodeo's sweet demeanor. When they got home, Madison was concerned about the anxiety Rodeo was experiencing, so she found a holistic formula, NO MORE DRAMA, to help relieve it. This gave Rodeo the confidence to become a successful fashion consultant for celebrities, and on his days off he loves to roller-skate around and volunteer at a local shelter.

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No More Drama Anxiety Sepration social groomers.


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