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Rodeo was found on the streets in Mexico by Madison, a teenager who was on vacation at a holistic retreat with her family. She was out shopping with her mom when she saw this cute dog hiding under a bush. As she walked up to him, he started growling and showing his teeth. Knowing that he was scared, Madison took out her water bottle, grabbed a big leaf from the bush, and started to offer Rodeo some fresh water. Slowly he approached her—he would take a drink and then run back into the bush. Throughout the next four days, Madison would bring him food—a lot of which she would sneakily take from her daily meals at the holistic retreat. With fresh food and water, on top of the patience and love Madison and Rodeo began to create a bond that would last a lifetime. Madison knew right away to name him Rodeo, as it was her favorite street in her hometown, Beverly Hills of course. For Madison, Rodeo was a piece of home while she was on vacation. It was on the sixth day, the day before her and her family were supposed to head back to California, that she knew she couldn't leave him behind. They both had fallen in puppy love. She came up with a plan to sneak him into her carry-on for the flight home. Her plan was working…well, almost. In the car on the way to airport, Rodeo squealed with excitement and Madison’s mother screamed, “WHATS THAT!”  Madison tried to make noises and said it was her, but her mom knew better. Once her mom saw Rodeo, it was then there was no turning back. She instantly fell in love with his sweet demeanor. Madison’s mom was now on board in keeping him hidden from the rest of the family, especially the dad. But, shortly after, everyone could hear Rodeo’s excitement coming from Madison’s carry-on. The dad frowned at first, but quickly fell in love with Rodeo as well. He immediately became a part of their family! Rodeo was finally on his way to see his namesake street! However, when they got home, Madison was concerned about the anxiety Rodeo was experiencing and started asking around for remedies. Madison quickly found NO MORE DRAMA, a holistic formula that helps relives social and separation anxiety. After using this formula, Rodeo was ready take on Hollywood! The confidence the formula gave Rodeo has allowed him to become a successful fashion consultant for celebrities and on his days off he loves to roller-skate around and volunteer at a local shelter.  

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