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Beverly is a vet tech at a local animal hospital, whose mission is to help animals from rescues and get them ready for foster homes. In her four years at the hospital, she has helped hundreds of dogs find their fur-ever homes. At night, she finds peace in her meditation classes with her friends, helping her to decompress after a long day. She also relaxes by riding her motorcycle up the Pacific Coast Highway with her wife, leaning back and listening to the hum of the motor. However, when the flowers are in bloom, her seasonal allergies make the ride a challenge. Being a vet tech, she knows how to approach her allergies and uses Healthy Paws Herbal Labs ITCHY SCRATCHY. This has given her the freedom to ride without scratching or sneezing and take in the beauty of the California coast on her hog.

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Itchy Scratchy Allergy Allergies Relief

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