Melrose is a surfing instructor in Malibu. He discovered his love for the waves at an early age when his parents would have him join them in the family pool. At first, he thought it was a bit boring—what was so exciting about being cold and wet in the pool? But then, Melrose’s dad Brian created waves in the pool and together they started splashing around. In that moment, Melrose knew he was wrong all along—being in the water was incredible. After Melrose discovered his unwavering love for the water, he started on his journey to become a surfer. Melrose started slowly with a boogie board. “Baby steps,” he would say to himself. But then, one day while he was at the beach, he notice others on surf boards and that's all it took. He decided to dive in head first and he purchased his first board shortly after. Melrose fell a few times, but he always got back up, and next thing he knew, he was a natural on those waves. Everyone says he was one of the first dogs to ever surf California waves. Melrose knew he had to share this passion with other dogs, so he started teaching all of his friends. Before he knew it, he became the go-to doggy surf instructor. Nothing brings Melrose more joy than seeing his friends and students posting surfing videos on their TikTok and Instagram pages. After years of surfing, Melrose started to develop a bit of arthritis. His friend Pico told him all about Healthy Paws Herbal Labs formula for pain OUCHIE. With the magic of OUCHIE, Melrose has become unstoppable.  

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Written by Kyle Burton

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