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Sunset loves music. Since Sunset was a young kitten, they performed with their own band at the famous Roxy on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. In fact, her love for the famous street is where she took the inspiration for her stage name. Sunset’s first hit was a remix of a song from their favorite artist Lady Gaga. Sunset’s fans will follow her anywhere she is performing. The fans always get the most excited and yell the lyrics loudest to Sunset’s hit MEowwwww. She wrote the song all about loving yourself. Sunset wants to spread the messages about loving yourself as far and wide as possible. Sunset identifies as a non-gender Kitty Kat and nothing can stop her from performing…well almost nothing. When Sunset hit their teenage years, they starting having UTIs, a common ailment that most kitties will get in their lifetime. Sunset’s best friend Robertson told her all about Healthy Paws Herbal Labs PEE PEE ISSUES. It has given them the freedom to be UNSTOPPABLE! Sunset always MEowwwww's from the stage, “Be unstoppable! Always love yourself!” Sunset wants to remind everyone that anything is possible. on days off you can spot Sunset on the coast with her love Beverly.

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