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Pico is a born and bred Californian. California is in his blood. His favorite hangout is Venice Beach. You can always find him skating with his bros. Growing up in California and raised by his Grand papa Vince has led to some magical opportunities for Pico. He's a child actor and has been on the laps of many famous stars. His favorite role was in Kill Bill—but, not for the reason you’d expect. While Pico loved being in the film, he was mostly excited that he was able to work with Lucy Lu. Not only was this a long time dream of his, but Pico has always had a big crush on the star. While working on set, she invited him to lunch. They dined at a the famous Ivy in West Hollywood. Pico tried fried calamari for the first time—in fact it was his very first time having anything fried. Within hours, he trusted his fart and was off and running to the Kitty Box…Splash! Yes…he had diarrhea. His friend Melrose was always bragging about OUCHIE and how it helps him with his arthritis, so Pico gave him a call and asked if they knew of anything that could help relive diarrhea. Melrose immediately told Pico, “Of course! You must try POO POO PROBLEMS. I promise it will help!” A few hours later, after taking Melrose's advice and POO POO PROBLEMS, he was back on set with Lucy Lu. He had stars in his eyes once again. Dreams really do come true.

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