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Our Story

It all began in 2016 when Dr. Kyle Burton was visiting his family and noticed his brother’s dog, Zoey, was itching intensely. Zoey even had missing patches of hair from scratching so much it would fall out.  The veterinarian said it was allergies and gave him medication but unfortunately it wasn't working at relieving the progressive itch.  Already being an established herbalist and acupuncturist in West Hollywood and Los Angeles, Dr. Burton wanted to combine his love of Traditional Chinese Medicine with his love for animals.  He completed advanced educational courses in safely treating animals with traditional herbal formulas.  He made his first herbal extract and mailed it to his brother.  His dog responded quickly. The itching decreased within a couple doses and after a few weeks there was a full coat of healthy, shiny hair.  

Speaking to his patients with pets, Dr. Burton learned there was a real need for more natural medicine for pets.  Allergies, Arthritis, and Anxiety were the most common complaints his patients told him so he created three separate herbal extracts to help with each ailment.

Then in 2019,  Next magical moment happen when Michael and Serge was walking in a park in West Hollywood California of an event Michael designed for Lisa Vanderpump Dog Foundation on BRAVO's TV reality show "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" - It was there the three met and Michael and Serge learned about the power of his Chinese herbal formulas for our furry friends.  As a Pet Advocates they saw the power of Dr. Kyles formulas and wanted to help share the magic with pets worldwide. It was here that their three's journey together began, developing integrative medicine and working collaboratively with allopathic doctors to make sure each pet patient receive the best holistic complete care. 

Michael and Serge started by reengineering the applicator making it safer and easier to use. They rebranded the product packaging by creating a reusable box with sustainably in mind. Dr Kyle went into back into the lab expanded the line to include formulas that assist in relieving other common symptoms cats and dogs suffer from. Today Healthy Paws Herbal Labs has over 14 formulas and also offers custom formulas for individual issues. Starting back in 2016 as a domestic product, Healthy Paws Herbal Labs now helps pets around the world. Not only does Healthy Paws offer the original NON CBD Essential line, but has extended the line to include the Essentials Plus which has Broad Spectrum CBD hemp oil with 0.0% THC.

As fine artist Michael and Serge have design a limited edition of art pieces - Art for Pet Charity  which helps pet rescues and charities by suppling them with the Healthy Paws Herbal Labs formulas for their pets looking for their fur-ever-homes. 

"We truly hope these products are able to bring your pet as much relief as they already have with so many other pet owners.”  

Dr. Kyle, Michael & Serge




🐾Dr. Kyle Burton, DAOM, LAC🐾 

Opened his private practice, Original Breath, in 2006 after completing his internships at the UCLA Arthur Ashe Medical Center and Los Angeles Free Clinic. Not only did he graduate his Master’s Program in TCM with High Honors, he was voted valedictorian in both his Master’s and Doctorate Degree amongst his peers. He independently visited acupuncture hospitals and clinics in numerous regions in China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. During his program he studied Qi Gong for three years with a Taiwanese Master and lead the US Team in the International Martial Arts Championship in Taiwan in 2007.

After successfully helping his brother’s dog’s allergies using herbs, Dr. Burton completed herbal veterinarian courses and created Healthy Paws Herbal Labs. In 2017 he created a topical CBD line, Herbal Ice, to help his patients with pain and arthritis. He is now practicing in Oahu and continues to develop all natural, herbal products for patients and pets alike.


🐾Michael Habicht ~ Gil🐾 

Michael has always been a pet lover and advocate. This passion for animals led Michael to starting a YouTube channel for pet owners, "Michael The Pets Journey" that is centered towards helping people navigate life as a pet parent. This deep love for animals has now expanded into Michael’s career as he and Serge set out to create a line of products to help our furry friends. Michael’s extensive background in design and fine art,  having been the CEO and founder of iii designs, has led him to create the family of characters we see at Healthy Paws Herbal Labs today. Each character that Michael has created as a personality that any Los Angeleno will recognize. As an artist, Michael has taken these products that benefit animals and has created a line of characters that will sit in people’s home and become a recognizable part of their lives and their animals well-being.


🐾Serg Gil ~ Habicht🐾

While at pop-up art gallery in Palm Springs a few years back, Serge and Michael had a premonition that a business venture was in their future. Little did Serge know that his extensive background in fine arts would lead him to what is now Healthy Paws Herbal Labs. Serge has worked on countless art shows for the last 7 years and is taking this expertise to this new business venture. Not only does Serge have experience in fine arts, he has also e-commerce and PR experience that is going to elevate Healthy Paws Herbal Labs. Serge is determined to provide value to a product that helps people and grabs their attention. Not only has Serge worked tirelessly on creating a product that will help everyone’s furry friends, but Serge is determined to make sure to give back to the community that Healthy Paws Herbal Labs is helping. This is why he is managing the art charity program that will be giving back to animal shelters in the area.

Welcome to the Healthy Paws Family

🐾 Dr. Kyle

🐾 Michael

🐾 Serge




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