My Pet has Constipation? HELP!

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No one likes how they feel when they’re constipated, including your pets!  Cat’s can tend to have more problems with constipation than dogs, but the dangers are the same. 

If your pet hasn’t gone #2 after 2 days, they are constipated.  

Constipation can have a gradual onset. Slowing down in bowel movements, circling or frequent squatting without stool, and lack of appetite can start to show up indicating you may want to make some changes. 

You should also check the stool once it has passed. Was it hard and dry? This may indicate possible dehydration so make sure they are drinking enough. Also, sometimes when the stool is very hard and dry and your pet has to push, you may notice fresh red blood. Usually this is just a small tear from the passing stool, but if it doesn’t go away, you should head to your vet. 

Especially if there is mucus as there may an infection. 

Often if it's just occasional constipation you can try canned pumpkin. Not only is it high in fiber which will help push the stool out, its also full of moisture which can soften hard, dry stool.


Sometimes it can be due to stress. Staying somewhere new, a new family member, or a new anything really can affect their digestion in general including appetite. You can always try rubbing their belling in a clockwise movement.  This can sooth their anxiety and also facilitate peristalsis.

If your pet does routinely experience constipation, either from a slow digestion tract or stress, you can also try herbs. Can’t Poo Poo has rhubarb which has a very strong effect on increasing peristalsis. Mirabilite helps soften the stool and the broad-spectrum CBD helps decrease inflammation while also calming the nervous system! The CBD can also help with any pain or discomfort that often comes with it. 

If your pet’s digestion is not great in general, you may want to try Eat. Decrease in appetite, lose stool, occasional mucus, and even bad breath can indicate the digestion is weak. Eat has many more tonic herbs to strengthen your pet’s metabolism and they're ability to break down food to absorb more nutrients.  

If you saw your pet eat something it shouldn’t, and then there is no bowel movement, it can indicate there is an intestinal blockage. Your pet may even vomit. In this case, you may need to seek help immediately. 

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If you have any problems or concerns with your pet, please reach out and we will be happy to answer any questions and I even offer a complimentary 15min PET CHECK consultation to discuss your pets health.

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