My pets ears smell like Corn Chips, What is it?

My pets ears smell like Corn Chips, What is it?

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Allergies or Fungus? 

Itching is often the first symptom a pet owner is trying to resolve, but it’s important to distinguish between itching from an allergy or itching from a fungal/yeast infection. When expecting the skin, if it is dry, flaky, and has a bad odor, it is probably a fungal/yeast infection.  It is often in the ears, paws, or parts of the body where the skin folds as the fungus thrives in damp environments.  Often fungal/yeast infections are systemic, meaning its internal and not just on the outside skin where you can see it. Another very important diagnostic tool is your sense of smell. For some reason, yeast/fungal infections smell like corn chips!


You may also look to see if the same area but on the other side also has the same problem. Allergies will typically be bilateral, on both sides, both eyes runny and/or both ears itch. Infections are often local, at least to begin with. They can definitely spread to the opposite side so its not a deciding factor but something to consider if you are catching it an early stage.  


It’s important to have the right diagnosis before trying treatment. Benedryl may be prescribed by the veterinarian to help with the itch but it wont help kill off a fungal or yeast infection. There is medication of course, but there are also natural remedies that can help not only kill but help prevent an infection! Huang Bai is a strong, yet safe, herbal antifungal that may help kill not only yeast but harmful bacteria and viruses, too. It’s often combined with Ku Shen if there is itching to give some quick relief as it can take a few weeks to kill an overgrowth. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take away the corn smell instantaneously either. 


If your pet experiences reoccurring infections its important to look what may be the root cause. High sugar levels can feed and cause an overgrowth.  In our  YUCKY FUNGUS Formula I included Gan Cao to help regulate blood sugar levels. Hormonal imbalances is another pre-existing condition that can lead to a fungal or yeast overgrowth. Shan Yao is included to help regulate hormonal levels, too, making Icky Yucky an overall comprehensive formula to treat yeast and fungal overgrowth.


Although if you expect your pet is suffering from allergies, we also have a safe and natural formula, ITCHY SCRATCHY. 

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