My Pet is having trouble peeing, what do I do?

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Does Cats or Dogs have more Blatter issues? Why?

First you should know, boy cats and dogs can get bladder infections, not just the ladies! There are several reasons they can get them, and if you’re a pet owner, you should know what to look for and possibly expect. 

When it comes to whether dogs or cats have more bladder infections, size matters, which is why cats have a propensity for bladder infections. The size of a cat’s ureter is small, much smaller than a dog. This allows for more congestion, which can generate a bacterial imbalance. We also know bladder infections can come from stress- which I personally consider an equal factor (cats stress out often and quickly-just try having a friend over)!

Typically, you’ll notice an increase in urination. This is more of an acute increase, not a gradual increase which we can start to expect as our pet gets older. I’m sure they hate having to get out of bed at 3am just as much as I do! They may be urinating where they don’t often go, and it’s not because you made them angry! A bacterial infection can cause an urgency and they may not be able to make it their litter box on time. 

It may also be accompanied with blood. If there is a lot of blood and frequent you should get your pet medical attention ASAP. Kidney stones can also create a blockage and cause an infection. If there is no urination and your pet is in pain, you should also seek immediate help. Not being able to eliminate toxins through urination can cause a fatal toxicity and quickly. 

You may be surprised that in traditional Chinese Medicine we discovered a few herbs that can help with these issues and also dissolve Kidney stones. Here are some of the herbs that we use in our formula PEE PEE ISSUES - Jin Qian Cao, Hai Jin Sha, and Shi Wei may help dissolve both uric and calcium stones in the kidneys or ureter. I’ve personally used them in my practice and have been able to prevent a few surgeries. 

If your pet suffers from chronic bladder infections or creates stones easily, you may want to consider PEE PEE ISSUES. It includes the stone dissolving herbs as well strong antibacterial herbs and even herbs that can help stop the bleeding. It’s a good natural remedy to have on hand. Although like mentioned above, there are definitely times its best to seek medical attention immediately.

Let us introduce you to our holistic formula
Bladder Control
Kidney Stones

If you have any problems or concerns with your pet, please reach out and we will be happy to answer any questions and I even offer a complimentary 15min PET CHECK consultation to discuss your pets health.

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