Robertson was raised in Kansas. His first car was a John Deere Tractor. Growing up, his chore was plowing the farm—this was his favorite thing to do! He would jump on the tractor and blast Miley Cyrus through his headphones—her words made Robertson picture himself performing on a stage, just like her. Robertson wanted stardom and he was prepared to do anything to achieve it. At the age of 18, he convinced his parents to let him move to Los Angeles to search out the silver screen. He would do anything he could to be a star, so he said goodbye to his beloved tractor, and found himself in West Hollywood, California. Robertson had some luck right off the bat, probably due to his very cool persona. He was casted to be a cover model for a Holistic pet line called Healthy Paws Herbal Labs. He found himself as the cover model for Forever Young, one of the many unique formulas the Lab sells. During the photoshoot, Robertson learned all about the product and how it helps you stay strong and builds up your immune system. With all everything he learned and with how handsome he looked on the box, he shipped it to his granddaddy. He knew it would be a great gift for his golden years as it would give him a pep in his step. Robertson is so proud to be a spokesperson for Forever Young, the Longevity Formula. Below is his first modeling job, make sure to check it out and see Robertson on his way to stardom. Click on the box to learn more! 


Written by Kyle Burton

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