NO MORE DRAMA - Pet Anxiety Solutions

NO MORE DRAMA - Pet Anxiety Solutions

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Why No More Drama

No More Drama Calming formula has origins dating back to 200 AD. This Eastern traditional formula is highly efficient in alleviating a stressed pet by optimizing their nervous system without compromising motor skills. 

Pet parents inherently want to do what is best for their furry family members. No More Drama is an all-organic natural, safe solution that has empowered the pet owner to manage anxiety and stress of their pet, a hard challenge that most pet parents can encounter. 

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3rd Party Tested

The herbs do not overly sedate the nervous system. Motor skills are not impaired because of the herbs’ self-regulating effects and 3rd party tested. No More Drama will leave your pet relaxed yet alert and ready to go if there’s an emergency or need to move. 

It is extremely helpful for any event that could invoke stress including vet visits, car rides, fireworks, aggression and helping relieve pets’ separation anxiety associated with the pandemic.  



No More Drama packaging was designed with sustainability in mind. Each box is intended to be reused to store future product and our bottles are recyclable. As pet parents return to place another order we enroll them on our “We Believe” sustainability program in which they keep the box and we ship them a new bottle and syringe. 

Human Grade 

They are our fur babies, sidekicks, bed hogs, couch cuddlers, quarantine buddies and most of all our best friend. They're there for us in the highs and lows of our lives so why should we settle for anything less than the BEST when it comes to their health.  Healthy Paws Herbal Labs uses human-grade traditional herbs that have been used for hundreds of years to treat animals and human alike. 

 Made by a Licensed Herbalist

Move over turmeric and lavender. There are over 1,000 different herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Dr. Kyle Burton has over 15 years prescribing them. You’ve heard of the trendy herbs and yes, they can help certain ailments. But is there something better? With so many herbs that are available, why are the same ones being used to treat every possible ailment imaginable? 

The answer is most products aren’t made by an herbalist. Herbal medicine is as complicated as pharmaceutical medicine. It takes years of schooling to understand their complexities and efficacies. Dr. Burton has been practicing since 2006 after completing a master’s program in Traditional Chinese Medicine which not only includes acupuncture, but in-depth study of herbology and possible interactions with pharmaceuticals. Even after being licensed to practice, he went back and completed his doctorate and other herbal veterinarian courses to further his knowledge. 

 Targeted Herbal Relief

Instead of white label “one herb to treat all” product, herbalist Dr. Kyle Burton formulated  targeted symptom relief formulas customized for pets inspired by the efficacy and great results he saw in his human patients.


At Healthy Paws Herbal Labs, we are passionate about providing next generation wellness solutions to improve the quality of life and health of the pets you love. Our furry kids are family so you deserve to know and trust the face behind the company.

 Other Healthy Paws Formulas

HPHL products have nine different formulas to treat the most common ailments our pets may experience throughout their life. Unlike a pharmaceutical’s long list of potential side effects, herbs offer side “benefits”.

No More Drama’s formula may down regulate the nervous shortly after the first dose, but it may also help replenish key nutritional deficiencies to restore normal nervous system regulation.  With consistent use over time, it might be possible discontinuing sedatives all together. 

Itchy/Scratchy’s combination of herbs works together to not just stop the symptoms, but to help regulate and strengthen the immune system from allergies. Ideally it is best to remove the allergen causing the problems, however, with consistent use the formula may help your pets immune system adapt overtime. 

 Ouchie has a unique solution for your aging pet’s arthritis but also for acute injuries at any age. Pain medication can only do so much and often just masks the symptom. This formula has the strongest herbal pain relievers while delivering the best anti-inflammatories and nutrition specific for strengthening muscles, tendons, and bones.  You may notice an immediate relief of pain but also when taking consistently over time, the physical structures may improve, as well, increasing your pet’s stability, strength, and range of motion! You’re getting a bang for your buck with this powerful combination of herbs!

Poo Poo Problems stop diarrhea after just a few doses. It also treats possible bacterial or viral infections that may be causing it. It also has herbs to decrease inflammation and strengthen the digestion. 

Can’t Poo Poo is for when your pet experiences occasional constipation. It is the perfect solution to quickly promote a bowel movement and includes herbs to help prevent pain that often comes with distension or intestinal blockages.

 Pee Pee Problems treats urogenital problems. Cats have a propensity for bladder infections but don’t worry, our formula works on dogs, too! This combination may help address several different health concerns including inflammation, bacterial infections, kidney stones, and even bleeding.

 Eat is used to stimulate the appetite. A good digestion is a sign of good health!  Breaking down food into usable nutrients and eliminating waste takes a lot of power!  An aging pet’s digestion can start to slow down. The appetite may decrease, even bowel movements can start to change. Eat includes the best herbal combination to strengthen the appetite, metabolism, and increase the break down and absorption of nutrients, helping to increase overall energy levels.

 Yucky Fungus can kill yeast overgrowth, relieve symptoms like itchiness, and strengthen the immune system at the same time. Fungal medications can be hard on the liver so it’s worth trying herbal remedies. 

 Forever Young is unique in that it doesn’t focus on a particular ailment. Consider it an herbal multivitamin for your pet! This formula is filled with herbs that promote health and longevity. Improving blood flow increases oxygenation and essential nutrients to the brain. This improves overall function with neuroprotective effects to prevent damage to neurons. Circulation is improved through decreasing blood viscosity and increasing vasodilation. This may also help lower blood pressure, which in turn helps the kidneys. Mushrooms are included to strengthen the immune system which naturally declines with aging.


At Healthy Paws Herbal Labs, we are passionate about providing next generation wellness solutions to improve the quality of life and health of the pets you love. Our furry kids are family so you deserve to know and trust the face behind the company. 



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